Reality: Japanese Tacos

Yesterday I went to a cutesy restaurant in NYC, Taka Taka, that advertised Japanese Tacos and Mexican Sushi. Admittedly, the food was not as exciting as it sounded, but the concept made for great outfit inspiration. I started this set with the Kimono and knew that I wanted to make a “bulky” outfit. Every piece in the set has a type of bulk to it from the cropped pants paired with the wooden wedges to the large fossilized wooly mammoth earrings (how cool is that) and hobo bag. This would be a great sushi, park date or outdoor mall outfit.

  • River Island ( Tiger Kimono
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Trousers
  • Beginning Boutique Crop Top
  • Pull & Bear Wooden Heel Wedges
  • Big Buddha Braxton Hobo
  • Monique Pean Fossilized Wooly Mammoth Earrings (these are the coolest)

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