Dream: Busy

I love the bold and daring woman who can embrace a full tartan suit, but in order to not distract from such a strong outfit, I kept the shirt solid and paired it with simple chains and a bangle. The crocodile bag lacks embellishment as well thus enhancing the solid simplicity of the navy. After creating this look, I was pleased at how the shirt and bag are both inverted; it made me feel like they were made for each other! Rather than pair this suit with heels, I chose to adorn it with velvet kitten flats just for extra spice. If a woman is strong enough to wear all tartan, then a little meow couldn’t hurt… Do you agree?

  • Vivienne Westwood Tartan Suit
  • Weekday Crop Top
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Croc Hour Bag
  • Charlotte Olympia Black Velvet Kitty Flats

(Yes, I paired Navy and Black. Take Rules, Break Them, And Make them Question Why They Were Rules in the First Place)


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