Dream: California Laziness- Sweatshirt Series Part II

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, it would be in California, so as I daydreamed about California, I thought of what I would wear there. I started this set with the impossibly tiny denim shorts paired with the uber cool long sleeve sweatshirt in order to give off the “I’m casual and lazy yet cool” aura. Next, I had a difficult time finding the perfect tall boots to compliment the look, but once I saw these fringe boots, I knew that they would match the exact mood I was trying to convey. The fringe adds a playfulness to the look which could have easily turned sexy had I chosen another shoe. I chose a large bag because the shorts are so small, I didn’t want any other small pieces in the look, and the smooth red suede looks awesome. Because it is California, I added the sunnies and hoop earrings. A perfect look for cruising with the top down or shopping down Rodeo drive. Ahhh California Dreaming.

  • Guns Germs $teal Neoprene Sweatshirt
  • Brian Atwood Fringe Boots
  • ONE Denim Shorts
  • Red Suede Bag Unknown
  • Celine Audrey Sunnies

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