Dream: Almost Casual Sundays

winter leather look dream


I created this look for the winter time when it is hard to decide whether to be fashionable or warm.  In order to achieve fashion and warmth, one needs strong outer wear pieces like this wonderful geometric tweed and leather coat and fringe scarf. I thought these boots were killer and decided to keep the leather theme going (I don’t think I will ever tire of leather). For some reason this Coach bag reminded me of the 90’s and I really liked the idea of a large cross body bag accompanying this outfit. I imagine a woman hailing a cab  looking flawless in this look with some big “don’t talk to me” sunglasses. This look is great for grabbing lunch, doing some shopping or catching up with fashionable friends.

  • Rebecca Taylor Tweed and Leather Coat
  • DKNY Pull On Leggings
  • Max Studio High Heel Booties
  • Coach Legacy Duffle
  • Pieces Fia Scarf

One thought on “Dream: Almost Casual Sundays

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