Black Appeal

Okay, so all black has 3 options to me, incognito, super chic and cool or SEXY. It’s beautiful when you have one piece in you closet that can say all of these things at once. This black maxi dress is her. It is thin and lightweight so you can wear it in the summer and not sweat like a… pig (do they sweat?) haha. However, it can be paired with a cardigan or denim jacket for a spring/ fall look as well. Talk about perfect. I added sandals because for some reason maxi dresses and heels have never been a great combo to me. These sandals fully expose the feet yet have the oh so lovely Hermes H to adorn them. Next, I added this semi see-through clutch with postcard writings on it for the nostalgic world traveler feel. Even more the wide brim floppy hat, which is popping up every where, adds to the air of mystery for the woman in this look. It also takes away the “I am trying to be sexy” feel of the dress and instead, incorporates a “I do not try to be sexy, I just am” vibe. One should not shy away from being sexy nor should one shy away from their body. Love your body and Love your curves! Wear this look to the park, on a date, out adventuring or catching up on some work in a low key coffee shop.

  • Helmut Lang Draped Jersey Dress
  • Hermes Highlight Sandal
  • Charlotte Olympia Wish You Were Here Clutch
  • Topshop Floppy Felt Hat

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