Wine Splash

all wine fur vest

I really like when people have the same color top and bottom and then add flavor through their accessories.  This wine top from TopShop caught my eye first thus I built from there. I added the uber tight leather pants and let the shirt just hang loose for a casual vibe, next I added the boots because I see women in these boots all the time and I have never really been a fan. However, they are quite practical so I challenged myself to use them in an outfit and tada!, I actually like them. The light brown fur vest adds a posh feel and I believe fur looks good with anything, sorry PETA.  The last touch was the bag. I literally said what can make this outfit unique? I rarely see denim bags so why not give it a try. It just so happens that the washed out denim compliments the brown in the fur and the boots at the same time. I would wear this look to a museum, strolling along an avenue, out shopping or when I just want a cute get out casual fit.

  • Topshop Multi Panel Top
  • Calypso Rabbit Fur Vest
  • Helmut Lang Stretch Leather Leggings
  • Burberry Bedford Boots
  • Gucci Soho Denim Tote
  • Olivia Burton Timepiece
  • Cuyana Necklace

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