Dreams of Designer Loves

We love this Tangerine dress from Acne Studios found on fowardforward.com and thus we got to thinking.  How else could one wear a bright orange dress?  I think the white strappy heels used on the site are so cute, but what if we took the wild route and added more color to the look.  We chose the color magenta to compliment the orange.  With the magenta shoes and clutch you are able to create a tangerine and berry look.  The rose gold watch and tan sunnies do not add more color but instead incorporate a neutral hue that perfectly tones down the pop of the dress and bag. How delicious is that!

  • Camilla and Marc Double Georgette Dress
  • Saint Laurent Classic Janis 105 Pumps
  • Handmade Clutch- Etsy
  • Marc Jacobs MBM 3118 Timepiece
  • Jimmy Choo Ally Mirror Wayfarer Sunnies

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