What I Wore: Combats and Cropped Sweater

Hi Again!  Since I have been romping around in NYC, I find that I must create looks that can take me from day to night and back again :P.  I wanted to wear this Asos crop forever, but had no idea how!  Getting creative, I decided to pair it with my high waist work pants, and BOOM I loved it.  This is why I said its crucial to buy pieces with versatility.  Next, the shoes were the hardest and because it was a blizzard out, I was pretty much confined to combat boots which I also LOVED with this look. After that, I wanted to get wild with jewelry and keep the animal thing going on so I added the bird chain then stacked on bracelets. Topping this look off with my black lips, Hautecore from Mac, I was destined for fashion success.

PS. I like this style so I will try to recreate as many “Selfie Shots” as possible.  When I get a professional photographer, then I may move the scenery from my room haha. Till then, I am the editor, photographer, stylist and anything else I need. 😀

  • ASOS Snake Crop
  • hmmm…. My work Pants
  • Cathy Jean Combat Boots
  • H&M Bird Necklace (it was literally 3 dollars wow!)
  • Random Bracelets
  • Mac Hautecore Lips

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