Pretty in Harem Pants and Oxfords

l-157Hello Gorgeous! I created this look because I think Harem pants are super relaxed and I wanted a cute non traditional way to wear them. Hence I added oxfords at the bottom.  I think this look is extremely girly and crush worthy.  On a hot summer day, this look will help you show your happiness with light coloring and floral print.  I added the bold piano key necklace to show that you can dress down some of your nicer jewelry by adding it to something more casual like harem pants.  On the other hand, the oxfords and necklace dress up the casual feel of the pants. Its a win win! The Ray Ban sunnies are the perfect summer accessory because you can still see your eyes and show your style.  Sorry Moschino, she is more than a Good Girl, she’s Awesome.

  • Dolce and Gabanna Floral Top
  • Alexander McQueen Silk Harem Pants
  • Paul Smith Milena Brogue Oxfords
  • Moschino Bag
  • Ray Ban Sunnies
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace
  • Michael Kors Timepiece

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