Miss Meadows

l-155Okay I had the pleasure of going to see my first Tribeca Film Festival film and I was delighted by Miss Meadows! She was a happy character and I would say the styling was so quirky and beautiful, I could not help but make a look themed off of her.  Miss Meadows embodied being true to yourself she was bright, eccentric and just wonderful.  This look captures her atypical spirit with the bright printed skirt and bright striped top.  She never “matched” clothing but she always looked well put together. I think this look does her great justice. Have a sun shine filled day, as Miss Meadows would say “Toodaloo!”

  • Olympia Le-Tan Striped Top
  • RI Yellow Skater Skirt
  • Modcloth Sunset Sky Sandals
  • Forever 21 Mod Girl Satchel
  • Tom Binns bib necklace
  • Flora Bella Raffia Hat

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