Relaxed and Sporty

l-132This summer is the summer of sportiness and chunky heels.  This look was built solely off of the light blue shorts.  Their structure and trimming make them worthy enough to be the statement for this look.  I like long sleeves with shorts because when I cover my arms, I don’t feel as naked exposing all of my legs.  Call it a trade off.  I next added these bright chunky heels because of their cool coral color.  I always think colored heels look kind of cheap, so when using them in looks, I find ways to change that perception. Long lean legs and a heels, call for a light top and feather earrings.  I would wear this to go lounge, hang out with friends, play frisbee or just in a park basking in my own glory.

  • Ostwald Helgason Shorts
  • Topshop Lana2 Platforms
  • American Vintage Jumper
  • American Eagle Sunnies
  • Annette Ferdinandsen Feathers

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