Accessories Effect

You can completely change the mood of a piece with your accessories! This super bright dress is difficult to accessorize, so I had to try it! The first look I created was the easy one, playing up the orange with coral shoes and a bag.  This accentuated the brightness of the look, and with a flower headband it screams I’m friendly and fun like a mermaid. The Look using the black was a little trickier because I wanted to create a different feel with the same dress.  Pairing this look with a belt really changed it instantly.  Adding the floppy hat made the look more mysterious and univiting and then the change in shoes lead to a whimisical new fit.  Like magic the dress has been transformed. Which look suits you best? I am dying to know 🙂

  • Alice + Olivia Uma ombre dress
  • Jimmy Choo Neon Sandals
  • Dolce &Gabbana Orange Bag
  • Mulberry Black Heels
  • Givenchy Tote Bag
  • Top Shop Hat

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