Blues for the Blues

l-75It’s rainy outside so I decided to share in Mother Nature’s blues with this look.  However this is too cute to be worn in the rain!  This look started with the stylish but difficult pants.  The metallic sheen and oriental pattern led me to keep the top solid with a slight adornment.  I am all for mixing patterns but for this look simple seemed best.  Next, I added the black pumps to meet the ankle where the pants end for a continuation of the leg.  The solid clutch is unique with the fold and zipper and compliments the pants.  I chose muted colored accessories for this look in order to make sure the look is stylish without being flashy. Power meetings are essential with this look. You rule.

  • Michael Michael Kors Chain Blouse
  • Antonio Berardi Slim Fit Pants
  • Saint Laurent Heels
  • Henri Bendel Debutante Assymetic Clutch
  • Sweet Romance Gatsby Bracelet
  • Olivia Burton Timepiece
  • Pink Quartz Teardrop Earrings

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