Bra? Or Nah?

l-147I do not know why I created this look but can I say it is a must wear! Pairing an uber feminine top with boxy shorts is a great way to mix it up! You aren’t too girly, but you aren’t a tomboy either which makes this a perfect mix.  I think that the shoes help to accentuate this look by making it mod and rad. They are big and bold just like the woman who would wear this.  When wearing solid colors, adding a funky clutch with bold designs is a must because it can bring your look to life.  Complete with simple jewelry and voila! You are fantastic.

  • Oscar De La Reta Sequined Lace Top
  • Giambattista Valli Satin Shorts
  • Giuseppe Zanotti Booties
  • Matthew Williamson Abstract Clutch
  • David Yurman Ring
  • Le Gramme Le 15 Grammes Bracelet

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