Bright and Foxy

l-191Foxy Lady look at you! I love this look because it is indicative of a good mood! Fun, Flirty and Fantabulous! On a sunny day throw on something bright to say hey world “I’m happy!”  Yellow is the perfect color to denote happiness.  I added printed wedges because the dress is soloid.  The print is tropical and indicative of a good time.  I kept up the color with coral earrings and clutch.  The foxy sunglasses add some glam to this look and keep it girly. Let the wind blow through you hair and smile!

  • Fausto Puglisi Skater Dress
  • Dolce and Gabbana Floral wedges
  • Yvonne Yvonne Medium Leather Bag
  • Nixon Kensington Timepiece
  • Chloe Gold Bangle
  • Charlotte Russe Earrings




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