Beach Queen

l-194Hello Glamour Magazine on the BEACH!  Not everyone wants to get wet in the water, instead; they would rather look cute on the sideline.  This look is for you darlin’.  I kept the colors dark andbright  glam for this look without adding anything new because I still wanted it to look efforless.  The full body swim suit is sexy and leaves your gazers bewildered.  Only wearing a kimono allows for the legs to be exposed and sexy when the feet hit the strappy heels.  The fringes keep the look flawless because the wind will accentuate the look naturally.  Lastly, the shades say “you need to announce yourself before speaking,” and the hat is to protect that gorgeous face. Ah Diva.

  • Forever 21 Boho Babe Fringe Cardigan
  • Lisa Marie Fernandez Poppy Swimsuit
  • Saint Laurent Jane Sandal
  • Stella & Dot Tansy Fringe Collar
  • Celine Audrey Sunnies

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