l-192Be bold. Be Daring. Be a Visionary.  Artsy girl this is for you. I created this look with the desire to mix bold prints.  Starting with these electic pants, I never thought I would find a shirt suitable enough to compliment it.  However. this shirt is perfect!  I like how the shirt does not have any dark colors thus allowing it to compliment the upper half of the pants and keep the brightness.  When you get to the bottom of the pants, the look goes darker and the black pointed toe flats are the perfect compliment.  The vintage-esqe lock keeps the look chic, and the studded bag is perfect to pull it all together.  I thought the look needed some dark colors at the top, so I added the black fedora. You are a work of ART. Express yourself accordingly.

  • Unknown Oriental Print Tank
  • Etro Cropped Pants
  • Emilio Pucci Ballet Shoes
  • Mark Cross Grace Studded Box Bag
  • Maison Michel Henrietta Boyfriend Hat
  • Vintage Sunnies

One thought on “Visionary

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