Bucket Bag

bucket bagHi! Saw this awesome Mansur Gaviriel Bag on Net-a-porter and wondered how would I style it.  This look is for a warm day where you feel like being an awesome woman.  I started the look with the bag and then added this flirty mid length skirt.  I thought the flamigos were so unique and fun! Next, I actually found these handmade shoes which I felt would look perfect with their ankle straps because they create a stylish look to the flat natural sandal.  I was stuck on shirt color and decided on mustard green because I did not want to match in this look.  Instead I opted for natural style without trying. The dark octagon Chloe glasses seal the look because the eyes are still visible and inviting, yet the shape adds chicness to this fun look. Take a twirl, you are fabolous!

  • Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag
  • Chloe Top
  • Alice + Olivia Skirt
  • Chloe Sunnies
  • Unknown Shoes

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