Need of Sunshine

l-207Hi Dreamers. This fantastic look came about when I seriously needed some sunshine in my life. This top is a body suit and I decided to make it even more fun!  The artsy skirt is large and glamorous and keeps up with the feminity of the bow in the top.  Next, I wanted to get vintagey so I added some striped shoes to this look which really helps with making it feel eclectic and timeless.  Completing this look with fun accessoriess like rainbow bracelets, purlple gem earrings and one that says smile, this glam gal is a winner.

  • Marco Bologna Floral Print Skirt
  • Pyramid Collection Bracelets
  • Kate Spade Smile Bangle
  • Baccarat Medicis Earrings
  • The Row Square Ombre Glasses
  • Material Girl BodySuit

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