l-208I super like this look because it is so fun and festive with all of the colors.  I took a pretty basic dress and tried to add some flair to it.  I love the idea of huge necklaces under structured collars, so I gave this dress a necklace full of color and adornments.  This makes the look more vibrant.  Next, I added red shoes with ankle straps and pointed toes for a dainty pop. The red brings out the orange due to the fact that they are in the same color family.  The embelished bag is my favorite piece of this look because it has so much personality and adds a new blue color. Complete with simple earrings and a big ring, Tangie is ready to attack the day in style!

  • Jil Sander Short Shirt Dress
  • Valentino Espadrilles
  • Antik Batik Brada Clutch
  • Tom Binns Soft Power Bib Necklace
  • Evans Aqua Teardrop Ring



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