Christian Louboutin Perfection

Striped PantsI created this look because I SUPER want these Christian Louboutin shoes!!! I can make at least 3 million looks with them which makes them perfect.  I created this look for a sleek night on the town.  I started with the shoes and paired them with the striped pants.  Striped pants makes butts look really good so be sure to grab you some! Next, I added this super cute lace trimmed top because of its flirty girliness.  I sealed this look off with a leather jacket to make it night time chic and the Chanel cuff is the icing on the cake.  Own the night you wild thang.

  • Minkpink Lasercut Top
  • Balenciaga Leather Jacket
  • Petar Petrov Striped Trousers
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Clutch
  • Chanel 2014 Pearl Cuff
  • Christian Louboutin Impera!!

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