Polished LookI wanted to create a belted look and after I created this, it instantly reminded me of an Olivia Palermo style.  This outfit is unique without being overbearing and it is definitely stylish.  Starting with the long shorts, I knew that I wanted to add a belt that stood out yet complimented the tone, so I used bright yellow.  Next, I added the red strappy shoes to this look and loved how the belt and shoes were brighter than the shorts, yet they meshed together in color scheme.  Lastly, because all the pieces were solid, I knew that a solid shirt would look like color blocking, so I decided to use a printed boxy shirt.  This shirt darkens up the bright accessories while adding its fun chic print.  I chose a serious bag for this look because I think it polishes it off nicely and keeps it serious.  Street Style to the Maximimum.

  • Malene Birger Cirilla Crop
  • Carven Caban Shorts
  • Barneys New York Criss Cross Sandals
  • Unknown Tote
  • Michael Kors Heart Studs

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