Socks & Sandals

Socks with SandalsI think it is so hip and edgy when people wear socks with sandals, so I decided to create a look inspired by these trendy gals.  I started with this super cute floral dress because it is a fun bold print and the dress is look and free.  Rather than glam this dress, I added industrial sandals and decided to pair them with gray calf length socks.  I think this looks super cute without being too hipster.  There is nothing wrong with being hipster in fact I love hipsters and would tie a navy check shirt around my waist to make this look more edgy.  That being said, I rounded this look off with a simple necklace and decided that that was enough to get the job done.

  • Sporting Life Dress
  • Falke Family Socks
  • R.I. Sandals
  • Marni Crystal and Leather Necklace



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