Classy Bomber Jacket

l-353A bomber jacket is one of my favorite styles of outerwear because it can be worn street or chic or any combination of the two.  This day look is pretty simple to achieve with distressed gray jeans and a stellar furry sweater.  What I love about this look is how all the colors keep together without matching too much.  Gray is a beautiful shoe color that works with so many looks I suggest everyone own a pair. The final touch of this look was the statement bomber which looks girly because of the silver and gold glitter patches yet the outfit keeps it classy and chic. I would wear this to lunch, to a photoshoot, out shopping, gazing around a museum and finally at a lounge for my end of the day cocktail. Delish.

  • TopShop Fur Front Sweater
  • Ailatia Jacket
  • Frame Denim Distressed Jeans
  • Miu Miu Flats
  • Herve Wallet

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