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I am Spirit. & I am going to be weird and refer to myself in the 3rd person.

Spirit is an entrepreneurial stylist from Atlanta, Ga.  She began as an assistant to an online boutique and fell in love with clothing and the versatility of expression that they offer.  She now lives in New York City where she is working towards her Masters in Fashion Theory at Parsons, The New School for Design.  Dreams of Designer was created as a creative outlet for the numerous clothing ideas that Spirit comes up with.  She wanted to give outfit inspiration for all people no matter what their style in order to encourage them to break away from trends and find the fun in fashion.  Spirit believes that clothes are expressive and you should experiment in order to find what looks best for you.  Her motto is that “When You Look Your Best, You Feel Your Best, and When You Feel Your Best, You are Your Best.”

Spirit Offers Freelance Styling Services in the New York City Area

  • Individual Wardrobe Consultations
  • Photo Shoots
  • Personal Shopping
  • Anything to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Love the Site? Have a comment or concern? Interested in having Dreams of Designer Style for you?  Whatever it may be, We’d love to hear from you! Simply Input Your information below


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